Today we did the following learning activities:

  1.  I collected the homework from Wednesday, October 11–the 3 question Quickwrite.
  2.  We formed Think Tank groups that analyzed and deconstructed a significant quote or passage from Thomas Paine’s The Crisis, #1 (we read this together and annotated on Wednesday in class).
  3.  We hung up our posters at our “station” placeholder.
  4.  We did a silent gallery walk using a graphic organizer to record at least 2 significant noticings/take aways from each gallery poster.
  5.  We completed WNB 10.
  6.  We turned in our silent gallery walk graphic organizer.

Reminder:  NoRedInk and modules are due at 11:59PM, Saturday, October 14.


Copy Thomas Paine Think Tank Signs for Quote Analysis

Silent Gallery Walk Notetaking Sheet for Poster Presentations Thomas Paine Poster Share