Today was cut short due to a schedule change because of PSAT testing.  Our day of learning looked like this:

  1.  Warm-Up:  Complete the survey from the guidance office and the “Ticket in the Door” activity.
  2.  Collect homework–graphic organizer on Unit 2 time period.  If you did not finish this assignment from last week, you can turn in late but for reduced credit since you had from last Wednesday to complete.
  3. Reminders:  NoRedInk and modules are due at 11:59PM this Saturday, 10/14.
  4. Take notes on six literary terms with graphic organizer (all terms related to persuasive writing).  Unit 2 Literary Terms (graphic organizer)
  5. Introduce Thomas Paine with your very own copy of the essay excerpt of from The Crisis, #1.  
  6. Annotate essay as we read together using the copy of the annotation codes provided.  11th  Annotation Graphic Organizer for Thomas Paine (you only need to use the annotation codes to mark up the essay) 
  7. Complete the Quickwrite below for homework.