1.  SPG testing–ALL CELL PHONES ARE PUT AWAY AND OFF in the front of the lab until everyone is finished.I will let you know when you may get your phone.
  2.  Your annotated articles and writing plans are due at the beginning of class.

Task 1

Type your AOW 2 essay using the writing plan.  I will return to you during the SPG.  You will type it through Google Classroom or may submit to the eClass Dropbox.  Google Classroom is the preferred method.  You should aim for 5-7 sentences for each paragraph, please.

If you did not come prepared with the annotations completed and/or writing plan as asked to do this past Monday (you had three nights to complete the work), you should do your annotations first and then your writing plan before attempting to write the mini-essay.  See below for your materials or Ms. Hamilton for a hard copy to borrow.


Your article of the week must be finished by Tuesday, October 11, 2017 at 7:00 AM.

Honors Classes (3B and 2A)

Article:  AOW 2 HONORS 11th ELA Subsidizing new nuclear power such as Vogtle reactors in nations interest Discover GALILEO.pdf

Writing Plan Template:  AOW 2 Honors Writing Plan.pdf

Task 2

Periods 1A, 2A Only Periods 4A, 3B, and 4B Only
When you finish your essay, you should work on the  NoRedInk.com assignment or the Vocabulary.com assignment.


No RedInk:  Recognizing Strong Topic Sentences 1: Claims + Identifying Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning


Vocabulary.com:  Sadlier Oxford Level F List 2

When you finish your essay, complete the time period graphic organizer we started in class on Tuesday/Wednesday.


There is a PDF copy of the time period pages 128-136 here in eClass.

Do you need a copy of the time period background pages from the textbook pp. 128-136?

Unit 2 A Nation is Born Time Period Background from Textbook Age of Reason 128-136.pdf