Today we read an article from the August Chronicle accessed via GALIELO about the decision to move forward with the construction of nuclear reactors 3 and 4 at Plant Vogtle.  We learned about the significance of this event through the article as well as pros/cons to the issue.  We worked on annotating the article and started our writing plans.  This work will be collected at the beginning of class on Thursday/Friday of this week prior to taking the SPG; after the SPG, we will type up our mini-essay response.  Having your annotations completed as well as your writing plan will help you be successful on this writing task in class.

AOW 2 HONORS 11th ELA Subsidizing new nuclear power such as Vogtle reactors in nations interest Discover GALILEO

AOW 2 Honors 11th ELA Plant Vogtle Construction Augusta Chronicle Reading and Annotation Instructions

AOW 2 Honors Writing Plan