Today we worked on the following activities:

  • If you did not complete the Article of the Week assignment from Monday (see eClass or this blog), we did that.   If your document was returned through Google Classroom with suggestions for revision and/or elaboration, please do that and resubmit.  Thank you!
  • If you have not completed your WNB Self-Assesment 1 or need help with the Seesaw component, see me!
  • Continue your with your research and notes; our last day of research will be this Friday.
  • If you complete all tasks, you may work on our NoRedInk module (Identifying Active and Passive Verbs) or List Power Prefixes 3.

  • Ms. Kay, one of our guidance counselors, came to talk to us about some things we need to know at this point in the year as seniors looking forward to graduation.  Everyone had a chance to sign up for an account .
  • We also learned about the Common App.
  • Have you created your Senior Profile?  If not, please do that ASAP!  You can access it through eClass.
  • Other topics:  Pell Grant, Scholarships, Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships
  • More scholarship info:
  • Remind Codes for assorted senior info were shared.
  • Check out Our LHS Counseling Website: