• Finish typing your Where I’m From Poem rough draft and print 2 copies—you keep one and give Ms. Hamilton one (1) . This must be completed today.
  • When You Have Finished Drafting and Printing Your Poem:  Complete This
    Google Form Once You Have Finished the Rough Draft of Your Poem
  • Complete the hard copy of your poem rough draft self-assessment. This must be completed today. Whether you finished the poem last week or today, fill out the self-assessment and TURN IN BOTH stapled together to Ms. Hamilton.  Self-Assessment of Where I’m From Poem Rough Draft
  • Have you completed all of your tasks for your WNB Self-Assessment 1? This work is now late but you should still complete it NOW.
  • Yesterday we began drafting our article of the week response in class. Complete and type your article of the week response in Google Classroom and “turn in.” Try to complete this task today.
  • Work on NoRedInk “Embedding Quotations”:  look at your handout for the code if you still need to register for our class.
  • Work on Vocabulary.com “Sadlier Oxford Level F List 1”: look at your handout for the URL to join if you haven’t signed up for our class.

WNB Conferences with Ms. Hamilton (ongoing); be ready to meet with her when called upon.