Writer’s Notebook 8/WNB 8

20-25 minutes

Take a look at each of the following infographics:

Please respond in multiple paragraphs to the following questions:

  • What do you notice?  What do you find intriguing or interesting and why?
  • What do you wonder?
  • What does this data say?
  • What does this data not say?
  • What connections can you make to the information presented in the data in the four infographics?
  • What  kind of writing (informational, argumentative, personal narrative) might bubble up from this data in these infographics?

Complete your WNB Self-Assessment 1 IF You Have Not Done So

Estimated Time:  15-20 minutes

  • Type up your argumentative paragraph justifying your grade with evidence–you can do so through Google Classroom if you have not done so already (19 people have successfully done so!  Go to the “news” announcement for today for the class code).
  • Print a copy of the paragraph (send to Printer B)
  • Sign up for Seesaw (app for your phone); go to the “news” announcement for today for the class code.
  • Snap a photo of the best entry.
  • Record an audionote–you will read your argumentative paragraph as your audionote “script”!
  • Submit your work.
  • Staple your paragraph to the checklist and turn in to Ms. Hamilton.

Research Time

(60-75 minutes)

Our goal today is to complete 2-3 graphic organizers.  See me when you are ready for a new graphic organizer for taking notes.  I will collect your work before you leave today.  As you take notes today…

1.  Keep in mind the “next steps” you identified in your self-assessment on Wednesday and how you will take them.

2.  Add each source to EasyBib even if you aren’t sure you’ll use it in the final products we’ll create (a short paper and a multimedia or performance product)

3.  Explore as many sources as you can.  Gale databases via Mackin, EBSCO databases in GALILEO, TED Talks, and Google News can all yield interesting results.  Try varying  your search terms or see Ms. Hamilton if you need ideas for synonyms for search terms. Have you considered a search including the words “data chart” or “infographic”?  For example, when I used the search phrase “data chart automated cars”, I not only discovered some interesting visual information, but the search terms led me to some really relevant and interesting (and timely!) articles on the topic.  Ask for help if you feel stuck!

Our research guide is available here at LibGuides.

NoRedInk or Vocab.com

15-20 minutes

You may work on the Power Prefix #3 list in Vocab.com (go the assignments link to work on the correct task) or the “Identifying Active and Passive Verbs” Practice module in NoRedInk (daily bubble 40 is our class code if you still have not signed up!)