Please go to the news announcement for today in eClass  for your class period for a complete copy of our learning agenda with all the information you need to complete your work.

Summary of Learning Tasks:

Task 1:  Finish mentor text poems reflections online using Google Forms

Task 2:  Complete the “Where I’m From” poem writing plan graphic organizer.  Show Ms. Hamilton for credit and approval to begin drafting.

Task 3:  Draft your “Where I’m From” poem in Google Classroom, your personal Google Docs account, or Word (save to the H drive).  Print two copies.

Task 4:  Complete your WNB Self-Assessment 1 work.

Task 5:  Print your WNB Self-Assessment paragraph.

Task 6:  Install the free Seesaw app if you have not already done so.

Task 7:  Join your Seesaw class if you have not done so already.

Task 8:  Snap and record your WNB Self-Assessment 1 best entry and argumentative paragraph for your grade.

Task 9:  Turn in your paragraph and staple it to the self-assessment checklist.

Task 10:  Work on NoRedInk or

Please click here to access the menu of options as well as guidelines and requirements.  You may email me at Buffy_J_Hamilton if you have questions.

All work is due Monday, October 2, 2017:  NO exceptions or late work.  Thank you.