Today we begin our second unit, and we will explore these essential questions through key pieces of American literature as well as contemporary informational texts.  We will also engage in informational writing, narrative writing, and creative compositions.

Students also received a copy of our working calendar for the rest of the month.  Please note the dates and deadlines.  In addition, I have once again provided students a copy of the links and codes for our Remind class accounts,, and class accounts.  The current module work in each of these platforms is due at 11:59 PM Saturday, September 30.

Mentor Text Reading and Response

Today we completed Writer’s Notebook 8 ( see Writers Notebook 8 11th ELA ) as we engaged in noticings and literary analysis of our mentor text, “Where I’m From”, by George Ella Lyon. Kentucky’s 2015-16 Poet Laureate.

More Mentor Texts:  Where I’m From Poems from Teens

We then visited reading stations exploring nationally recognized “Where I’m From” poems from teens all around the United States.  We did this digitally by doing the following tasks independently:

  1.  You will browse the 28 poems in the file here.
  2.  Once you have skimmed and scanned the poems, choose the 3 that are most interesting to you. For each poem, complete this Google form. In other words, you will complete the Google Form, submit it, and then refresh the page to reload and do your next entry.  You will use the FSLL prompts from WNB 8 (choose ANY TWO) to write your noticings statements.
  3.  When finished, complete the ticket out the door.