Today we worked on finishing our first Writer’s Notebook Self-Assessment.  All instructions, STEP BY STEP, are posted in the “news” section of eClass.   Click on the link to the Google Document and read the instructions carefully for each learning task.   Take time to slow down and read what is in front of you; if you do this easy step, you will work through the tasks without any problems.  If you are struggling for ideas on what moves you did well as a writer, be sure to click on the hyperlink at the beginning of Task 4.  You can also view that menu of ideas here:  Moves Writers Make WNB Entries 1-7

All work is due this Friday at midnight.

If you did not finish your work, you should work on catching up outside of class time.  We have lab time scheduled this  Friday for research; if you finish that assignment early, you may use the lab time to finish what you did not complete in class today (we also worked on this last  Friday, in class).   Budget your time in class and outside of class wisely!