Task 1:  Unit 1 Reading Reflections

Finish the Unit 1 Reading Reflections Questions 1-4 if you did not do so last Friday after the test.  The stories are posted as PDFs in the newest “news” announcement in eClass.

Task 2:  Do I have your work posted in Seesaw that we did in class last week? 

If you have not posted your work in Seesaw for the WNB 7 sketchnote, that task must be completed today.  If you posted only typed comments, you must go back and add an audio note.

 Do you still need to join our class?  See your handout you received today for the code and steps.

Task 3:  Can you log into your Lanier Gooogle Account?

Make sure you can log into your Lanier Google Account once you get logged into your Chromebook.  Instructions for accessing your Lanier Google Account are on the MAIN eClass home page.

This step is very important for you to be able to complete future assignments.  If you cannot find it or need help, ask Ms. Hamilton for help.

Task 4:  Join our Google Classroom. 

You must be able to access your Lanier Google Account to do this step, please.Ms. Hamilton will show you how to access. The code to join our Google Classroom is  l9w5qx .  Once you join, let her show how you how to start the WNB Self-Assessment 1.  If you cannot access your Lanier Google account today, see Ms. Hamilton for alternate instructions.

Task 5:  Draft your WNB Self-Assessment 1

Complete the checklist and paragraph for your Writer’s Notebook Self-Assessment 1.  Ms. Hamilton will give you the handout for this assignment.

  1. Put a check or x next to each statement for the questionnaire.
  2. Count the number of sentences for each entry.
  3. Pick your best entry from 1-7; write the number in the blank.
  4. Assign your best entry a grade (1-100).
  5. Following the instructions on the handout, write a paragraph making the argument from your grade. Identify 2-3 things you did as a writer/thinker/learner to show evidence of learning and your best work/growth in that entry.  You must cite evidence from your entry to back up your grade you feel you deserve.

Task 6:  Snap and Record in Seesaw

  • Snap a photo of your best WNB entry
  • Record an audio note for your WNB self-assessment—you will read the paragraph you drafted. You may print a copy before you get permission to step outside to record the audio note.   Hamilton will help you when you are ready for this step.
  • Make sure you file it in the appropriate folder. I will help you with this task.

Task 7: NoRedInk

  • If you finish early, work on the newly assigned module in noredink.com; if you have not joined our class, the code is small skunk 82.