1st 45 Minutes of Class

  • Finish the Unit 1 Reading Reflections if you did not do so last Thursday after the test.
  • Finish any makeup work you know you owe me.
  • Look at your handout and begin drafting your self-assessment of your best WNB entry (choose from 1-7). Complete the checklist and instructions for writing.
  • Install the free Seesaw Classroom Ask for help if needed. Join with the instructions I provided you in writing.  If you were out, I will give you a copy upon your return.

2nd 45 Minutes of Class

  • We will report quietly to Chromebook Lab 302.
  • Make sure you can log into your Lanier Google Account once you get logged into your Chromebook. Instructions for accessing your Lanier Google Account are on the eClass home page. This step is very important for you to be able to complete future assignments.  If you had to reset your password, wait 48 hours; it will go back to your student #.
  • Type your WNB Self-Assessment paragraph in Google Docs. Name the document WNB 1 Self-Assessment.
  • Post in Google Classroom. Hamilton will show you how to access. The code to join our Google Classroom is 2ebm67.
  • Snap a photo of your best WNB entry and record an audio note for your WNB self-assessment. Hamilton will help you when you are ready for this step. Make sure you file it in the appropriate folder.  I will help you with this task.

If you finish early, work on the assigned module in www.noredink.com; if you have not joined our class, the code is known salt 27 .