Reminders and Housekeeping

  • Reminder: Friday, September 8– Unit 1 Test
  • Take out your American Lit. textbooks
  • If you did not turn in questions 1-12 on Friday last week, turn those in now OR finish and turn in now.
  • Turn in your graphic organizers and self-assessment “tickets” from last Friday.
  • If you have any other makeup work, turn it in now.

Work Time Before Lunch

We worked on completing a graphic organizer on Puritan poets from pp. 98-100.  Preparing to Read Puritan Poetry Review Graphic Organizer September 2017

After Lunch

We read together the poems “Huswifery” by Edward Taylor and “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet.  After highlighting a few of the main ideas of each poem, students could decide which poem they wanted to sketchnote and were provided examples to inspire their own designs to represent their visual thinking of either “Huswifery” or “To My Dear and Loving Husband.”  You can access the poems AND the background information (pp. 98-102) here.

Sketchnotes (see example in the slideshow below) or click here.

Sketchnote what you see and hear in the poem. With our sketchnotes, we are doing visual notetaking and response to the poem. Consider the following ideas as you get ready to sketchnote your poem you have selected:

  • Images you see in the poem and the words that help build the poem. How might you represent this in a drawing that incorporates pictures AND words or lines from the poem?
  • How might you use the following to chunk, organize, and draw attention to key ideas in your sketchnote whether you decide to do it as a storyboard style creation OR one that is more free-flowing and open?
    o Fonts
    o Color (if you have colored pencils)
    o Boxes or ”frames” to “chunk” or draw attention to key ideas like “Imagery” or “Theme”
    o Arrows if you decide to show connections between ideas you sketch
    o Bullets


If you need ideas for focal points for the sketchnote of your poem, check out these compass points for each poem.

You will do your sketchnote in your Writer’s Notebook as entry #7.

When You Complete Your Sketchnote:

Head over to the news section of eClass to get the code to sign up for our SeeSaw class.  Once you join following the directions there, you can snap your notebook entry and then use the microphone/audio recording tool to describe your work and thinking behind your sketchnote.  Then be sure to upload.  If you need help doing these steps, I can help you in class after the test on Friday.

Don’t Forget: and are due this Saturday, September 9 at 11:59PM