1.  Homework due today:  graphic organizer for Day 1 Research from Friday, September 1.  Remember you had 45 minutes in class to work on this, and everyone was given until today to complete to take advantage of the long weekend and give you time to finish.
  2. Writer’s Notebook 7 (see below)

3.  Review how to navigate to our research guide and the new tutorial video on sending an article from EBSCO (databases we get through GALILEO) to Google Drive.

4.  Report to Lab 302 to work on Day 2 of our research.  Get at least 3 sources completed on the graphic organizer and continue adding sources to EasyBib.

Get the graphic organizer for Day 2 here.


5.  Make sure you bring your Chromebook to Ms. Hamilton so she can help you share your EasyBib project with her.  This will be an easy daily grade.  You should continue adding sources to your project.


6.  Ticket Out the Door:  turn in your Day 2 graphic organizer research work.