• Unit 1 Test this Thursday, September 7, 2017
  • Picture Day this Thursday, September 7, 2017 (after the test)

What We Did in Class Today:

  1. Activity 1: Writer’s Notebook 7


2.  Turn in your graphic organizer work with the self-assessment from last Tuesday and Thursday ( you could finish over the weekend if needed).

3.  Read ppl 98-100 and complete graphic organizer; Ms. Hamilton will review a few highlights for you.  Preparing to Read Puritan Poetry Review Graphic Organizer September 2017

4.  Together, we read “Huswifery” and “To My Dear and Loving Husband”; Ms. Hamilton highlighted some of the main ideas to think about.  You can access the book information for this activity and step #3 here.

5.  Students could work together alone or with a partner on the poem graphic organizer.  Puritan Poems Graphic Organizer September 2017 ; this work was due at the end of class.