Today we began our first official day of research, Round 1, Day 1! We began with mini-lessons in the classroom that included:

  • Navigating our research guide (this will be where we live and breathe online through September)
  • Logging into EasyBib, creating a project, and adding citations from databases with the one click export tool
  • Accessing databases through GALILEO (EBSCO) and MackinVIA (Gale)
  • Web search tools

Homework Items:

  • If you did not complete your graphic organizer you received today for at least three sources, finish over the weekend and be ready to turn in next Wednesday, September 6.  Research Day 1 Graphic Organizer
  • Make sure you have put each source in EasyBib even if you think you won’t use it.
  • Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate each information source.  CRAAP Test Rubric
  • You must use your Lanier Gmail to access the shared folder on the guide with the PDF files of each group’s planning sheet, questions, and jobs.
  • Work on your new module in; due September 9, 11:59 PM
  • Work on your new list in; due September 9, 11:59 PM

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