Today we…

1. Finished reading “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

2. Completed our graphic organizer over the text.

3. Periods 1A and 2A: Questions 1-6, p. 112 (YES, all parts of each question). Label your work clearly. Example: 1A or 2C to indicate each question part. You have two options for completing this work:
A. Copy the question and then answer.
B. Answer in complete sentences using the RACE strategy to flip the question stem into part of your answer statement.

If you did not finish in class, finish for homework and have it ready to turn in at the beginning of class next Tuesday.

Period 4A: you will use the answer sheet provided to answer those questions from p. 112.  See handout link below.

4. If you finish early, see Ms. Hamilton about the lit circle poster project.

If you need a copy of the selection to finish your work, see the previous news announcements from this week in eClass for the PDF file of the selection.

Ticket for Self-Assessment of Your Graphic Organizer

Period 4A Only: Period 4A Only:  Review and Assess Questions 1-12