Today we began class with Writer’s Notebook Invitation 6; after writing for about 10 minutes, students had opportunities to volunteer during our share time.

We then enjoyed a special performance by our class “Puritan Players” as students performed an informational Reader’s Theatre script to introduce us to qualities of the Puritans and the literature that came from the Puritans.

Next, we read the first half of “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards.  If you need a copy of this text, go the news section of our eClass page for our course and look for the entry labeled August 30 for our class periods; you’ll see a PDF file you can open and read from the book in that section of eClass.  If you cannot print a copy and need a hard copy instead of the PDF, come see me Thursday.  

After we read a section together, we engaged in “pause and reflect” time; students used an active reading graphic organizer that included three components:

  1.  Annotations with statements:  we used this handout to help us craft two responses to that chunk of text.
  2.  Sketchnoting:  we created a graphic or visual representation of what we “saw” in our minds as we read that section.
  3. Vocabulary:  we recorded unfamiliar vocabulary; we also captured words that were strong or vivid word choices that appealed to our emotions.

Annotation Codes and Sentence Starters for 11th ELA

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Active Reading and Thinking Guide

In Period 3B, we completed three sections of the graphic organizer; in period 4A, we finished 2 of the 4 sections.  Students can complete any part of the graphic organizer they didn’t finish in class between now and the beginning of class on Friday, September 1. Both classes should have the work completed for all four sections of the graphic organizer by the beginning of class on Friday, September 1.  We’ll continue with this work as we finish the selection Friday and use this work as a springboard to a collaborative project I’ll introduce Friday.