Today we began class by responding to these six questions in our writer’s notebooks (this was Writer’s Notebook entry 6).

After thinking and responding to these questions in our writer’s notebooks, students visited seven stations—six of them represented the six questions above, and we had a 7th “wildcard” question/reflection station.  Students could visit the stations in any order and share their responses.  The only restriction was that you could not replicate a previous response from another students.

We then formed groups of three and four; each group received a “station” and was asked to analyze the range of responses they saw in front of them.  Each group discussed the responses and then formulated a 3-2-1 response that was eventually shared with the class and posted in our hallway gallery:


Next, I formally introduced and reviewed the “birds of feather” inquiry project; we then reviewed the project guidelines together.

Last, birds of feather topic groups met to finalize responsibilities and research questions they self-selected.  Groups who had already completed this task received a copy of their planning sheet; those who finished today will get copies on Friday.

I will compiled our responses this weekend in writing and post them in a shared Google Doc via our Lanier Google Drive.  Students did a great job in all parts of the activity today!