Today the “Review and Assess” work on the Equiano selection we began last Thursday after reading the selection together was due at the beginning of the period.

If your child was absent Thursday, August 24, it should be completed and turned in by the beginning of class tomorrow or this Thursday, August 31.

We met in Lab 702 to do the following tasks:

If you are working on, you should focus on the practice rounds for “Unit 1 11th ELA Myths and Travel Narratives“; you will complete until you achieve mastery, and you should finish this module of vocabulary by 11:59PM, Saturday, September 2.  Do not begin the Sadlier Oxford Review Level F Unit 1 list until you have mastered the Unit 1 ELA list.


For, you have a diagnostic test and a practice module.  To make sure you are in the right place and working on the right assignments, always click on the HOME button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Unit 1 Test:  Thursday, September 7

We will take our Unit 1 test on Thursday, September 7, 2017.  This will be a multiple choice test that will focus on reading comprehension, critical reading skills, and analytical reading skills of literary text.  Featured passages will come from Unit 1 or similar readings of the time period.