Today we engaged in three major tasks:

  1.  We completed the Self-Assessment from Friday’s Philosophy Chairs activity.  If you were absent Friday, you were provided the articles we analyzed and discussed in Friday’s activity.  If you were absent today, you can see me for your self-assessment when you return this Wednesday, August 30.
  2. We had our second round of Birds of Feather Groups meetings.  Groups finished their compass points discussion from last Monday and noted three talking points per major area of the discussion guide.
  3. Groups decided major research questions/subtopics they want to investigate within their groups and which members will take responsibility for those different subtopics/research questions.  Ms. Hamilton will make copies of your work and provide each group member a copy your notes so that you all know what you decided.

Coming Up Wednesday:  I will outline our first official research project that will be based in our inquiry work we’ve done the last two weeks on the future of work—guidelines, timeline, resources, and a menu of presentation topics.

Reminders and Responsibilities: This information has been shared numerous times, but I’ll remind you again that you should sign up for our class Remind code.  Download the app and then enter this code:  b6hf36.

Remember that you also have this course blog as well as eClass for following what we’re doing in class each day. These are updates I provide as a service to you to help you stay on top of your assignments.  You can sign up for emails for this blog as well and get updates to your inbox.  As honors levels students who are going to be entering college a year from now, this year is a great opportunity for you to practice advocating for yourself in terms of using the communication channels provided to you and being responsible for your work.   These expectations are a reflection of what we reviewed in our course syllabus and in class earlier this month.