Today we did “Virtual Stations” through a Google Doc in Lab 704.  Our activities included:

  1.  Work on our vocabulary list in
  2.  A diagnostic test and a practice module in  on building compound and complex sentences with mastery learning modules focusing on:
    A.  Identifying coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)
    B.   Identifying the function of the FANBOYS
    C.  Evaluating the Use of Commas with FANBOYS
  3.  Reading and evaluating two articles in NewsELA on artificial intelligence as part of current inquiry  project into the future of work and prepping us for some class debate on Friday.

You can get to the virtual stations activities by clicking here.  We will be back in the room on Friday!  Anything you did not complete in the 90 minute block of time you had today in class will need to be finished by the beginning of class on Friday.