Gettin' Sticky with It in 11th ELA (1)Last week we engaged in a good bit of collaborative work.  Today has been our day to do some thinking, reflecting, and sharing on an individual level about the three Native American selections we read last week:

  • The Earth on Turtle’s Back
  • When Grizzlies Walked Upright
  • from the Iroquois Constitution

Today students had the entire 90 minute block to complete the following graphic organizer over the three selections:

Our instructions for the activity:

All students turned in whatever work they had completed on the graphic organizer as soon as they finished or at the end of the period.  Students posted what sticky notes they had completed.  


If a student finished early, he/she could work on Writer’s Notebook 5; however, there will be time to complete this entry on Thursday, August 24.

You will need this PDF to complete the Notebook Invitation 5:

Notebook Invitation 5 Companion Reading