Today, our theme was tying up loose ends from unfinished work last Thursday and Friday.  We used class time to complete any tasks students needed to complete from our work last week:

  • Finish the graphic organizer for Native American Literature and turn in to Ms. Hamilton.
  • Complete your Venn Diagram chart that you are completing alone or with a partner; show Ms. Hamilton your work. We will add it to the gallery in the hall.
  • Complete Writer’s Notebook 4 in the neon assignment pouch–you will answer writing prompts 1, 2, and 3.
  • If you did not finish the the reading stations graphic organizer with the background information activity from  last Tuesday/Wednesday, finish that incomplete work next and turn in to Ms. Hamilton

If you finish early, chose an enrichment activity from the hanging file folder with these options:

  • Quizlet review games of our Native American origin myths
  • Choose one of the  Native American culture articles from the enrichment hanging files to read.
  • See the enrichment activity hanging file for a writing and art based activity.