Today we started with our Writer’s Notebook #3 prompt (see page 2 of the lesson plan below).  After having about 10-12 minutes to write, students could volunteer to read part of their notebook entry to the whole class for bonus points on today’s work.

We used the writer’s notebook as a background to activate our thinking about  background information on early American literature that we explored with station rotations. You can see the station rotations below as well as the graphic organizer we used; students could work alone or with partners of their choosing. Students did a great job working together!

The reading station information /flyers that were in the station neon pouches are housed here.  

Here is our graphic organize we used to collect information from the time period reading stations:

After having about 35 minutes to complete all 8 stations, students turned in their work.  We finished class with our door of wonder activity; students shared at least one wondering from their Writer’s Notebook 3 entry today to post on our door of wonder.