We will be using two awesome language and literacy tools that emphasize mastery learning to help us grow our vocabulary and grammar skills during 2017-18!   After we complete SPG testing in the labs on August 10 and 11, you will have the opportunity to sign up for these two services and join your specific class section.

Make sure you check and get the URL code for the class period that is yours.  Thank you!

Class Section Vocabulary.com NoRedInk Class Codes (type them exactly as you see them!
Period 1A 11th ELA Hamilton and Hill: http://vocab.com/join/22WWQ3H known salt 27
Period 2A 11th ELA Honors:  Hamilton: http://vocab.com/join/14Z4KE7 odd fuel 62
Period 4A 11th ELA Hamilton and Hill: http://vocab.com/join/2RDHN11 goofy board 95
Period 1B 12th ELA Honors Hamilton: http://vocab.com/join/3Q7HTYS daily bubble 40
Period 3B 11th ELA Honors Hamilton: http://vocab.com/join/1SGXZFN small skunk 82
Period 4B 11th ELA CP Hamilton: http://vocab.com/join/20Y40QD roasted rock 2